Do you want to know something I miss? Humor me, say “Yes”!

The sound of typewriter keys. Not the daisy wheel kind of typewriter, but the older kind. Where each letter was on it’s own little leg.

Do you know why?   “Tell us!”, they shouted.    🙂

Because even if i was typing nonsense, I felt productive.

And the sound of the keys clacking against the paper almost seemed to match the mood of what I was writing.

Something fun or silly? It sounded more like singing.

Something to give words to my anger or disappointment? Sounded loud and aggressive and like the voice of Someone In Charge.

But now? Tip, tap, click?

 That’s just not as much fun.

I tried to type an “angry” email the other day, but I just couldn’t keep up the steam I started with. Stupid padded keyboard.

Like slamming car doors too. Big heavy steel doors give a very satisfying THUNK. But today’s little fiberglass, plastic-and-spit doors? Not so much.

I’m not actually a violent person or anything. I just miss the soundtrack I grew up with sometimes.

Signing off now…. *plip*