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One drop of water.

One drop of water seems so small, but it carries tremondous potential.

One drop of water seems so empty, but holds the power of life in its borders.

One drop of water can cause ripples that can turn a tide.

I’m adding my drop of water to the river right now.

She is too.

What about you?


Maybe I should know more by now. Maybe I should be better informed on the issues of the day. Maybe I should be a better leader, teacher, parent, friend, writer and plant grower.

It seems that every where I look lately, people know exactly what they are talking about, exactly how they came to that conclusion and exactly how I should agree with them.

I didn’t know that as a Christian, my top voting priority for the leadership of my country is supposed to be ab*rtion stance and gun ownership. I thought that as a Christian, I was supposed to vote for the people I thought most likely would improve my community and my country. In fact, I didn’t even know that as a Christian, I was supposed to vote as a “Christian”….Does that make sense?

It seems that I don’t really know the things I need to know, to be an informed voter. I don’t even know where to look for the truth, because everyone seems to have their own agenda.

And it seems that I am running out of time. I have been looking at time managment alot lately. Not just in a productivity sence, but in a mental thought sense. The more organized I am, the less my mind is hi-jacked by relentless thoughts of “What should I be doing, what have I not done…and What have I totally forgotten to do?”

So here’s my thought. Find an issue important to me. Find out who in my community agrees with me on this issue. And find out who can make that issue happen. Start there. One little issue. One little cause. One puzzle piece at a time. Because the whole political arena, is way beyond my understanding. I can barely remember when to fertilize my roses and when the next picture day is at school. Then maybe I won’t feel so overwhelmed and unproductive.

So, I don’t have the “facts” on this one, but I caught a blurb on a blog…Did P*lin  really, REALLY, vote AGAINST legislation that was designed to repeal a law that had rape victims having to pay for their own rape kits? Beacuse, that’s insane. Not insane that she voted against it so much as it was enacted IN THE FIRST PLACE. How do these things happen? Are they happening in MY community? I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe I should find out.

Maybe thats too big an issue. How about play ground safety? How about meals for the elderly? How about safe daycare so people can go to work and not worry about their children.

Maybe these issues are too small. Too localized, too far removed from the needs of the country at large. What do I know?

Maybe the best thing to do is to start with me. And my family. And my neighborhood.

Any thoughts?

Summer is lemonade and watermelon slices,

black earth and newly mown grass,

Smooth and silky, soft and warm.

Fall is hot cider and apples,

cinnamon, leaves and straw.

Crisp and crunchy, bright and clear.


I love summer for its daylight, heat and its lack of snow  ;).  But fall really is my favorite time of year. I’m not sure why, but the fall has signalled many of my life changes, so its a time of new beginnings for me. I am more hopeful in fall than spring. I am also less depressed, so maybe that is a large part of it. But for whatever reason, fall is when I am energized.  Maybe its all the extra tea…

What’s your favorite time of year?

Today it is 7 years from THAT day. Where were you? Where was I? I honestly do not know anyone who was there that day. I don’t even think I know anyone who knows anyone who was involved in the tragedy of that day and what followed. So, I know my life was impacted, but not in an actually personal way.

But that day does serve as a marker, as a reminder. And I can’t let this day go by and not look at my life in the context of “Where was I then, and where am I now?” And one thing that did mark my heart was the fact of so many dieing with out the chance for their loved ones to process their death and say good-bye. In a twist of irony, I was given that “opportunity” quite suddenly after that memorial event. Did I make the most of that chance? To say good-bye with full acceptance and honor? I don’t know. But I did at least realize the fact that being able to tell your loved one that you love them, today, just as they are, is a gift that I don’t ever want to take for granted.

My son turned 18 this weekend. I’m not sure how he did that, exactly. Pretty sure He should only be like 9 or 10. But there he stands, taller than me. Full of possibility and promise and imagination. My little boy in a man’s body. So much like his father at that age, so different too. My 18 year-old self would have stopped breathing if she had seen everything that would transpire between then and now. So I don’t want to imagine where he will be standing when his first born turns 18. Better to stay here, in this moment. Where heartache hasn’t happened, and loss has yet to come. Where love is still unbroken and dreams are still a song.

(Forgive my lack of political knowledge…I’m just a voting, veteran, working, single mother…)

I think I might have been a little more inclined to extend a little more grace toward Sarah Palin, and given her the benefit of the doubt as to her abilty to run for VP and raise her family, if she and her husband showed themselves to be a “progressive family”, where the mom works and the dad takes care of the home front. But the very first thing that struck me as I watched them was that it wasn’t Dad holding that baby…it was her eldest daughter (this was before knowing about her pregnancy).

That struck me as odd. It still does. Is she, the eldest daughter, the primary care taker for that baby? And if so, who decided that was fair? Surely her teenage years have been impacted by her mother’s political career already. And caused her to have to grow up faster than other girls her age.

The image of her holding that baby while her father stood as far away as possible from them is burned into my mind. It just seems…odd.

But maybe it’s just me. What do I know?

I only have two things to say:

1-Just because someting CAN be done, doesn’t mean that it SHOULD be done.

2-If McCain thinks he will solidify my vote with this “choice”, he misunderstands what women voters see in Hillary. Or at least, what I see in her.

And. I’m thinking that he doesn’t see Palin’s family situations as “hindering” because he has no understanding of what it means to be a working mother. Then again, maybe she doesn’t either.

I’m done.

What I’m reading:

an ancient love letter

What I’m listening to:

my heart

What I’m thinking about:

changing my perspective.