(Forgive my lack of political knowledge…I’m just a voting, veteran, working, single mother…)

I think I might have been a little more inclined to extend a little more grace toward Sarah Palin, and given her the benefit of the doubt as to her abilty to run for VP and raise her family, if she and her husband showed themselves to be a “progressive family”, where the mom works and the dad takes care of the home front. But the very first thing that struck me as I watched them was that it wasn’t Dad holding that baby…it was her eldest daughter (this was before knowing about her pregnancy).

That struck me as odd. It still does. Is she, the eldest daughter, the primary care taker for that baby? And if so, who decided that was fair? Surely her teenage years have been impacted by her mother’s political career already. And caused her to have to grow up faster than other girls her age.

The image of her holding that baby while her father stood as far away as possible from them is burned into my mind. It just seems…odd.

But maybe it’s just me. What do I know?