Today it is 7 years from THAT day. Where were you? Where was I? I honestly do not know anyone who was there that day. I don’t even think I know anyone who knows anyone who was involved in the tragedy of that day and what followed. So, I know my life was impacted, but not in an actually personal way.

But that day does serve as a marker, as a reminder. And I can’t let this day go by and not look at my life in the context of “Where was I then, and where am I now?” And one thing that did mark my heart was the fact of so many dieing with out the chance for their loved ones to process their death and say good-bye. In a twist of irony, I was given that “opportunity” quite suddenly after that memorial event. Did I make the most of that chance? To say good-bye with full acceptance and honor? I don’t know. But I did at least realize the fact that being able to tell your loved one that you love them, today, just as they are, is a gift that I don’t ever want to take for granted.